PANDA Commercial Cantonese Style Induction Wok Range with Single Burner

Item Number: 22454 Model Number: QX-X400-E112 Brand: PANTIN Dimension: 29.5”X33.5”X47.2” Wok Power: 12KW / 3Phase

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Induction Wok Chamber

The induction wok chamber keeps the heat from escaping and keeps you safe while still being very hot

Autoflo Swing Faucet

The autoflo swing faucet provides a quick way to fill woks for boiling or rinsing between batches of food

Easy To Operate

The induction wok range has easy to use valves

Temperature Control

A convenient and easy-to-read digital thermometer allows you to monitor and control your temperature to ensure you get the best results

Stainless Steel Trash Tray

A stainless steel trash tray placed right below the strainer holder to keep the strove top tidy

Additional Soup Pot

Extra Soup pot to maximize productivity to cook everything all at once

Full Length Front Drainage

There is a full length front drainage to drain all the water from the faucet

Built In Strainer Holder

There is a strainer holder above the waste basket to hold your strainer

6 Inch Adjustable Leg

This wok range has legs that you can adjust up to 6 inches

Let's take a closer look at our induction wok ranges. Induction Wok Range is just like a

regular wok range of high heat, but it just comes in an electric version.

How can the electric device get your meal prepared in the same way as just a regular

wok range? Easy! You just need to get your timer on and check our 8-levels of firepower

settings. You will be surprised that within only 10 seconds, the wok is perfectly heated

and you are ready to start cooking! The levels you be switching can be watched on the

screen on the top of the burner which has gentle lights indicating the "fire" inside the

burner. The design of the range, the gentle lights, and the timer that will take care of the

right cooking is everything that you need in your kitchen for relaxed, but professional