L&T Canada Style Wok Range 300,000 BTU

定制前退水钢胆加州炉头(三眼) 300,000 BTU Canada Style Three Chamber Wok Range

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Heat Resistant Steel Chamber

Steel wok chambers are manufactured with a high resistance towards fire.

Panda® Gas Valve

The "L" shape of the handle makes it easy to use without your hands

Autoflo Swing Faucet

The autoflo swing faucet provides a quick way to fill woks for boiling or rinsing between batches of food

Stainless Steel Grease Tray

Stainless steel grease tray is easy to clean and handle

3 Bar Strainer Rack

Strainer rack consists of three stainless steel bars to ensure tools don't fall off the rack

Smart Cooling System

Full length cooling line prevents the deck from overheating and reduces temperature around

  This is the updated version of the regular Chinese wok range. The Range is very powerful and reaches high-heat cooking. Each chamber has a flue riser vent. Vents are made of 16 gauge stainless steel. It vents most of the heat and unneeded exhalation from cooking. so the perfect temperature always is left in the kitchen. The trash pans always come individual and wide. The capacity is large so it’s always easy to use, clean and durable.  Every chamber has an additional wok stand which protects from burning. It allows you to place your wok to cool down without worries. Also has an additional stainer stand where you can place your wok or pan.